Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Hi, my name is Bloggy-Mc-No-Blog. Nice to meet you!

I've just spent more time than I care to admit reading other people's blogs and not doing any work on my own, and I've come to this conclusion:
I don't have to write a new blog post every day.

I know, I know. It's shocking news, right? But here's the thing...I wanted to do it to motivate myself to write every day. Honourable intentions and all that. But it's unrealistic, right? It's simply not sustainable. I'll still blog regularly, but I can't promise to post new content every day.

Try not to cry too much. I know you're all devastated.

I suppose this a realisation that every over-ambitious blogger has after a few weeks of being a slave to their post counter. So, I'm going to give myself a break. Just a little one. Put Cubbins back in his cage and all that. I'll just have to accept that my post counter will be sitting there, judging me with its lack of eyes. It will be all like "Remember when you were like "I'm going to blog EVERY DAY!"? What happened to that, Bloggy-Mc-No-Blog?? Where's your fancy post count NOW??" I may cry a little, but I'll learn to accept it. Probably.

And if I can't...Well, I can always let Cubbins out of his cage. He happens to be a raging asshole, but he gets the job done!

If you need something fun to read on the days that I am Bloggy-Mc-No-Blog, might I suggest either Hyperbole and a Half or The Oatmeal. Both are freaking hilarious. Be warned: Today I planned to read one post on The Oatmeal. That was three hours ago.


Spot the hidden MARS reference!
BONUS ROUND! Tell me where and when said hidden reference occurred! :p