Thursday, 15 August 2013

Words have connotations, and those connotations matter.

I recently came across this little piece of gold in the book I am currently struggling through reading:


Now I don’t want to name the book, and if you know which one it is please don’t say it in the comments because I don’t want to publically bash this author.

But dude.

Some background: The main character of this book has been missing for three months, and has no idea where she has been, or what has happened to her. She is currently in hospital trying to piece together her memories of that time. She can’t remember and it’s exhausting to try, so she lets gravity has its way with her.

Are you for serious?

Let’s think about all the reasons this is wrong.

1.       Gravity does not have a ‘way’ to have. It doesn’t go ‘hmm, if I had it my way, ya’ll would be floating around right now.’ It just is.

2.       Totally inappropriate imagery!! The girl has been missing for three months and doesn’t know what happened to her. Is the image of something ‘having its way with her’ really what you were going for??

(Side note: Oh gosh. I just looked at this passage again and I noticed this:

It keeps getting worse.)

Now maybe this is just me, but I personally do not think that phrases like ‘violation swayed inside me’ and ‘constant sense of having it’s way with me’ are appropriate when the main character has been missing for months and may well have had something like that happen. I say this not to be offensive or hate on this book or the author, but seriously? Seriously? Words have connotations. Those connotations matter. Your vocabulary is like your toolbox…Just because you can use a hammer to get the job done, doesn’t mean you should.