Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Victory can be yours if you have the will to win.

Sometimes the timing of things is just so damn perfect that you SERIOUSLY wonder if the universe is trying to send you a message. This arrived on my TL* today, courtesy of @30SECONDSTOMARS (if you aren't following them, you should be. Like really.) This is a promo for the US Open, so I've edited out the parts of Jared's narration that aren't relevant to me (because obviously the universe revolves around me. I mean look, it's sending me personalised YouTube messages!) Oh yes, did I mention that he is narrating? You're welcome for the voice porn. Background music is Do Or Die (the song that continues to be my saving grace) which just makes this whole thing so much better.
Seriously, universe, I hear you. I'm listening. Time to Do Or Die.
 *That's 'Twitter Timeline', for those of you not down with the cool kid lingo :p
"There is no looking ‘too deep’ in your heart. No believing ‘too hard’ in yourself.

When the moment calls, you must answer with the fullness of your being.
Nothing short of all you have is what this challenge requires. For the test is not only of your skill, but the limits of your desire.
The sacred is in this city: in the clenched fists and urgent strides, in the eyes lifted to the sky saying,
“There's no end to far I can go, or to how high.”

So look in your heart; the key to fulfilment is in it.
Victory can be yours if you have the will to win."