Tuesday, 29 October 2013

A thousand times that I have said TODAY, TODAY, TODAY...

…I’m sending my first batch of queries today!

(And I’m trying REALLY hard to be okay with that and keep, you know, breathing.)

This is it, you guys. I am chasing a dream so real. Is it weird if I say that I’m actually really excited to receive my first rejection?? It’s the first step, you know? It will be my first piece of tangible proof that I’ve stopped wishing and started doing. You have to follow your dreams, right? You have to bet on yourself, and you have to be willing to fail. Try and fail, but never fail to try.

This post was brought to you by Jared Leto. I’m quite sure that 99% of the word count can be credited to him*. Don’t judge me. His words give me strength to send my words out into to the big, scary world. In fact these words right here are the reason that I will be pushing that ‘send’ button in T-minus muchtoosoon:


“Sometimes dreams, as much as they seem like they are our imagination, start like a little seed here, and become…Look at this awesome tree (draws a tree on the whiteboard.) You know what I mean? At one point things are just ideas, you know, which is almost like a waiting dream. But I always think ideas are worthless. Ideas are like trash, you know. Everybody’s got a great idea, right? I think unless you do something about an idea, it will never become reality. That’s the thing about dreams. I never thought I’d be standing here in front of you; I never thought I’d be the guy on stage. I never thought that. I did a lot of crazy shit when I was young. I’m sure none of you have. But it’s interesting, just to be a witness and a person…Almost in a way, a dream is like travelling in time because I never thought I’d be this guy over here and then have this happen and end up over here, if this is a graph that represents achieving your dreams (he drew that on the whiteboard). I never thought that would be possible.  The craziest part about living dreams is – the absolute most insane part is that if you go for it and actually fixate on the wildest dream that you have, there’s a great chance that it actually could come true. That’s the biggest secret that people who live dreams actually know, and people who don’t live dreams don’t know. That’s what separates a lot of people from the guy who’s standing on stage and the person who’s in the audience. But really when you look at it, who’s allowing me to live my dreams? All of you guys at the show! Strange, you know? You guys have all decided that I’m living my dream by showing up, right? But I’m here to report, if I’m the time traveller, I’m like holy shit! You can do it! You can actually make your wildest dreams come true... <clip>  It’s incredible to see that if you work hard enough you could make dreams a reality. And your beliefs and your desires, your fantasies, your imagination…All of that stuff is attainable. It’s pretty wild. So I would always say, if you can, bet on yourself. Ignore the non-believers.”


Sigh. Could I love him more. (I’m inclined to say ‘no’, but he loves to prove me wrong.)

Okay. This is it. Jared’s motivational speech has been viewed many times, I’m cranking Up In The Air for extra strength, and the time has come (the walrus said, to talk of many things). I am following my dreams and betting on myself.






TITLE LYRICS: ‘Up In The Air’ by Thirty Seconds To This Band Will Always Be My Inspiration and Motivation.


*Actually 62% of this post was brought to you by Jared Leto. True story.

Yes I worked that out.

No I’m not saying I’m sorry.

(I am resisting the temptation to comment on the ‘62’ of it all, but dude.)


You can watch this speech in action here:

Try not to be distracted by the dinosaur on his head. Or is it a chicken? I adore him and his love for silly hats.
Yes, I know that I have referred to this clip many times now, but I love it. So there.