Saturday, 26 October 2013

Time to escape the clutches of [Query Letter Hell], no this is not a game; it’s just a new beginning…

Right. Two entire albums ago I sat down at my desk to get some work done. It’s time to get my butt out of Query Letter Hell and graduate into Submissions Nightmare, right? Well. That was Self-Titled and A Beautiful Lie ago*. This is what happened instead:


/Sits down at desk. Turns on laptop. Puts on Thirty Seconds To Mars. Checks Twitter. Tweets song lyrics. Sings. Decides it’s a great day to listen to the entire Mars discography, in order**. Sings some more. Checks Jared’s Twitter page. Reads his tweets, again. Sings a bit more, because MARY WAS THE TYPE OF GIRL, SHE ALWAYS LIKED TO FALL APART.  Reads other people’s blogs. Spins on the spinny chair. Feels sick. Plays with Sunny***. Changes  the CD. Rocks out to A Beautiful Lie. Gets distracted by The Kill feels. Tweets more lyrics. The CD ends. Puts on This Is War. Chastises self for wasting time, and tells self that it is TIME TO GO TO WAR.


And so here I am. This is a call to arms, brothers and sisters; time to go to war. I am finally getting back to work on my query letter, and once again, I need your help. My self-imposed deadline arrives in five days, people. In five days I have to send out the first batch of query letters. If I don’t do it now I know I never ever will, so no matter what, I am going to do it. I’m trying really hard to be okay with that. Anyway, enough stalling. I’ve managed to ramble all the way through Escape, Night of the Hunter and Kings + Queens. This Is War has just started so I’m taking that as a sign. Time to go to war.


(Update – I’m up to L490**** and this is so damn hard. Can’t I just watch VyRT The MARS Bowl again??)


/Triumphantly returns somewhere between Bright Lights and Do Or Die. Huzzah! Although I think this might really-honestly-truly suck. Let me know. Be honest. I can’t improve if you aren’t honest! Keep in mind the questions that a query must address:


What is your book about? (THE PLOT)
Who is the main character?
What does your main character want?
What’s stopping him or her from getting it?
What is the consequence of him or her not getting it? (THE STAKES)


One week before her seventeenth birthday, Aurora Edwards comes home to find her mother bleeding to death from a knife wound in her stomach. Despite Aurora’s best efforts to save her, her mother dies before help arrives. With her last ounce of strength she gives Aurora a silver pendant and whispers the final words she would ever speak: I tried to protect you from this.


On the night of her seventeenth birthday, Aurora is attacked. During the assault her attacker’s knife spontaneously shatters in his hand, courtesy of the fiery heat inside Aurora’s chest capable of destroying anything around her. Although her new power terrifies her, Aurora quickly realises that there has to be a connection between her mother’s death, the heat inside her, and her mother’s pendant. Desperate for answers, she begins investigating her mother’s murder for herself. However, the men responsible for her mother’s death are more like her than she realises, and they are quickly closing in on her. They know what she can do and they know she has the pendant. And they will do whatever it takes to get it.



Any thoughts, comments, questions and feedback will be met with my undying love. Thank you!




If you'd like to read this and you haven't, I love you, and you can read an excerpt here.

TITLE LYRICS: ‘Escape’ By Thirty Seconds To Mars.

Actual lyrics:

Time to escape the clutches of a name

No this is not a game;

It’s just a new beginning


*By Thirty Seconds To Mars, naturally. What even is this ‘other bands’ people speak of. Do they exist??


**Seriously though, when is it not a great day to do that??


***Sunny is my doggie :3 Isn’t she beautiful?


****The last song on This Is War. Time for LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS!