Thursday, 3 October 2013

Welcome To Query Letter Hell.

As I’m sure all of you know, I am currently burning in Query Letter Hell. And it burns. Oh does it burn. I have been working on this thing for OVER A YEAR. AN ACTUAL YEAR. Now if that seems like a ridiculously long time to you, I’d just like to take a moment to remind you that Cubbins filmed ARTIFACT in 2008/2009, and that was released ONE MONTH ago. Also…'Into The Wild' Tour DVD*. That’s all I’m saying.

This morning, while working myself into an anxiety-filled wreck, I came up with a genius idea. And I do mean genius. What if I posted my query letter here, and asked all of you gorgeous people if you would want to read this book?? I know. Best idea ever, right? (She prays, hoping that people actually LIKE it).

The point of a query letter is to get an agent to want to read your book that you have poured your entire life into manuscript. A lot of the time the letter goes WITHOUT any pages of your novel, so your query REALLY has to grab an agent’s interest within the first 30 seconds. (Actually, it’s more like THREE seconds, but I wanted to use 30 because reasons). So my question is, if you picked up a book and this is what it said on the back cover, would you want to read it? Please be honest, even if the answer is NO. I’ve never needed feedback as much as I need it right now! Leave your feedback in the comments, or you can tweet or DM me if you feel more comfortable with that (as I know some of you do). It’s important to note that a query letter is NOT exactly the same as a blurb, and just needs to include the following:


What is your book about? (THE PLOT)

Who is the main character?

What does your main character want?

What’s stopping him or her from getting it?

What is the consequence of him or her not getting it? (THE STAKES)


Hmmm. As I type this out, I’m not sure that my query addresses all of those clearly. But…The point of creating things is to SHARE, so I’m going to SHARE. Please be honest…



One week before her seventeenth birthday, Aurora Edwards comes home to find her mother bleeding to death from a knife wound in her stomach. Despite Aurora’s best efforts to save her and find out what happened, her mother dies before help arrives. With her last ounce of strength she gives Aurora a silver pendant and whispers the final words she would ever speak: I tried to protect you from this.


With her mother gone and no father in the picture, Aurora is shipped off to a city she has never heard of to live with an aunt and uncle she has never met. But something is different. One week after her seventeenth birthday, the void in Aurora’s chest left by her mother’s death is replaced by a fiery heat capable of destroying anything around her. Terrified by her new power and unable to understand or control it, Aurora struggles to keep it a secret, afraid that if anyone found out she would be handed over to the FBI for questioning and dissection. However, Aurora’s powers aren’t quite as secret as she hopes. Little does she know the men responsible for her mother’s death—men who were never identified or found—know everything about her. They know what she can do and they know what she has: her mother’s silver pendant. And they will do whatever it takes to get it.


So…Do you want to read this book?

(If you do but you haven’t, you can read an excerpt here.)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading, and PLEASE let me know what you think.




*The ‘Into The Wild’ Tour DVD was ‘Coming SOON’ in 2010.







It’s not here yet.



Jared. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.