Friday, 8 November 2013

We are the children of the great empire...

Today I have the privilege and the pleasure of interviewing one of my favourite people on Earth, @albagallego15. You may remember her from this post about why I LOVE PEOPLE, or as the captain of #TeamGirlWithWords (one day that WILL be a thing!) Recently Alba went to a concert in Spain, where she AMAZINGLY handed out eighty HANDMADE flyers about my blog.




At first I was just going to write a post about her amazing generosity as a way to thank her, but I thought, why not make her famous? (Because we all know that I am famous now, right? Hmmm…Maybe not.) So I sat down with Alba (read: sent her an email. She lives in Spain, after all!) and asked her some questions about how she came to be so awesome, her thoughts on hopes and dreams, and, of course, about her favourite band. Because REALLY, there is nothing that matters more.


Hi Alba! Thanks for being here! Let me start off by saying THANK YOU SO MUCH for all that you’ve done. You truly are an AMAZING captain of #TeamGirlWithWords! My first question is…How did you come to be so awesome??

Oh, thank you! *blushes* I just enjoy helping others. It makes me feel good about myself. And in my opinion, fighting for our own dreams is as important as helping others to fulfill theirs.


Wow, that’s a really amazing way to look at life. Imagine what the world would be like if everyone thought like that! I love it :) While we’re on the topic of dreams…You’re 17 now (and looking for a fight*) and at the precipice of your dreams. So where do you want to be in 10 years? What do you want to do once you are finished high school?

Once I finish high school, I'm going to university to study what I love the most: languages. I especially love English. I'm doing a degree called "English Philology and Translation". After I graduate, I'd like to go abroad (probably to the USA) and set up an academy in which I'd teach Spanish and other languages. Hopefully by that time I'll have found my Prince Charming—and I really hope he'll be as creative as Jared, as cute as Shannon and as crazy as Tomo :p


And we cannot blame you for that! I think there’s quite a few of us who wouldn’t mind a Jared, Shannon or Tomo in our lives :D That’s quite an awesome dream! So if you knew you could not fail right now, what would you do?

 I would leave everything behind; my country, my friends and even my family. I'd pack a few things and take all the money I've been saving these almost 18 years and I'd travel around the world getting life experience, meeting new people and living my own life. This is my dream and I'll never stop fighting for it.


Amen to that! We all know how I feel about fighting for what you believe in and making your dreams your reality. It’s something I’ve learnt from my main source of inspiration. Who or what inspires you, and why?

Jared Leto, without a doubt. Jared and Thirty Seconds To Mars are one of the reasons I really became the person I am right now. I've been told a thousand times that life it's not about what "I want" but what "I can", but I never believed it. I've always been a dreamer and I knew that the key to success—and the key to being able to do what I want—was hard work. So that's what I've been doing my whole life. Then out of the blue I found Mars and with them came the most amazing and creative person I've ever seen: Jared. He just confirmed everything I had ever believed in. He is also a dreamer and he's my main inspiration. He’s my role model and I owe him so much.


Oh gosh, I just got a little teary. That’s beautiful. Quick, we’d better move on before I’m viciously attacked by The Feels…What are some of your favourite books?

Wow, tough question! I have a lot! But I'd say: "Luces de Septiembre" and "El príncipe de la niebla" by Carlos Ruiz Zafón and "La Emperatriz de los Etéreos" by Laura Gallego. These  are my top 3 (though I can feel that once I read a book called "Heat", by an amazing writer, this will be my number one.)


Awww, shucks :3 You’re a gorgeous person; did you know that? What kind of books do you like to read? What does it take for you to love a book?

Mystery books and thrillers are my favourite (Edgar Allan Poe, Agatha Christie, Camilla Läckberg...) but I'm open-minded to all kind of genres. As long as the book catches my attention from the very first page, I'll always be willing to read it.


Now I know the answer to this question, but for those who don’t…Who is your favourite band? (/Giggles in anticipation :p)

30 SECONDS TO MARS!!! (aka the most amazing band in the world ;p)


I know you recently went to a Mars concert in Spain** (I’m SO JEALOUS by the way) Tell us about it! What was your favourite moment?

The whole concert was a huge, wonderful moment!! But I'd say that my favourite moment was when Mars sang Closer To The Edge. It was the song with which I really became an Echelon, and it's very important and meaningful for me. I guess it was probably funny to see me singing "NO, NO, NO, NOOO!!" while crying an ocean of tears.


Oh don’t worry; we all know I’ll be crying through every song when I go to my first Mars show in March :p If your life had a soundtrack, what would your theme song be?

 I have to say there was a time in which Night Of The Hunter was my theme song (also it's one of my favourite songs from all times) but that was until I listened to Do or Die. Now it is my theme song, my anthem. [Both songs are by Thirty Seconds To Mars]


Okay, last question…if you could give everyone one piece of advice, what would it be?

 To answer this question I'll quote Jared Leto:

"Live your life no matter what".

Life is short, so don't waste yours letting negative things take over it. Always look for the positive side and keep living. And most importantly: NEVER ever GIVE UP on what you believe in.


Thanks so much for stopping by, Alba!! It’s always a delight to talk to you.
My pleasure! Thank you so much for having me; I had so much fun!! :D
You can follow Alba on Twitter here, and really, you should.

TITLE LYRICS: ‘Conquistador’ by Thirty Seconds To I’m Aware This Sounds Like It Is A Cult.

I’m okay with that.

Tehe :3

*Lost in the City Of Angels

**Where she handed out all her amazing flyers!

This interview has been edited, but the overall answers have not been changed or manipulated.

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