Monday, 20 January 2014

The Struggle.

I will not buy a new book today.


Buuuut I’m just going into this bookstore to have a look. Just to see what I might buy on a day when I AM going to buy a book, which is not today.


Huh. There’s a lot of pretty books in here. Ooo, I haven’t read YOU yet! Or you. Or you. Or you! That’s okay. I’ll, um, read you next time.


Don’t look at me like that.


Stop it. I have so many books at home already. I should read them first.


Stop. That.


ALRIGHT!! I’ll just buy one of you. One more book can’t hurt, right?


Oh. You’re a series. Well I can’t exactly separate you from your book family, can I??


Oh, these books are part of your family, too? But they’re not in your series, they’re just in your genre…No you’re right, I shouldn’t discriminate.


Are these part of your family?


What about these?


These too??


Screw it – I’ll take ALL OF YOU!!!!


Hi. I’ll just have these 267 books, please.





The struggle.

It’s real.
One thousandth of my collection.