Wednesday, 26 March 2014


My God. So many tweets. You guys are AMAZING :) Sorry if I didn't reply to everyone; I did my best! I wanted to write this down before my memories started to fade.
After the Meet and Greet, we lined up and waited to be let into the venue. I just have to apologize to Bec, Rob and my mum for spending the entire time going over the details of the Meet and Greet. Sorry, girls. Thank you for putting up with me :)
At about 5:45pm, we went inside the venue. Bec, my mum and I chose to stand on the barrier in front of Shannon's drumkit, and Rob went to stand on the barrier around the catwalk. I'm really really happy with where we were standing, as nobody was particularly pushy or rude. I was worried about being squished if we'd chosen the catwalk, so I'm glad we didn't. Also, Shannon freaking Leto was like two metres away from me. So there's that :p
The opening act was a band from the UK called White Lies. Fun fact: My mum and I saw them at the airport yesterday. I saw people with band gear and I said to her "Why couldn't that be Mars?" and then didn't really think much of it again. It's funny to think that some people would have been really excited to see them and we didn't even care. Sorry, White Lies fans.
White Lies were pretty okay, but they weren't Mars so I just wanted them to finish. Again, sorry White Lies fans. Their sound reminded me of She Wants Revenge, so I'm sure by the end of the tour I'll probably like them. But today, I was ready for them to be done by the third song. Haha.
Their set finished at about 8:15pm, and the lights came back on for the stage to be set for Mars. The crew unveiled the giant triad at the back of the stage and my heart swelled up into my throat. This was happening. I was about to hear the songs that were the soundtrack to my life live. The security guards were handing out water and taking out fainting girls (but not me: go team!), and Bec and I agonized over the time. By 8:45pm we getting really excited as we knew Mars would be on soon. Suddenly the lights went out and the opening notes of Birth began to play. I can't even find the words to express the joy I felt in that moment.
Tomo ran on stage as Jared was singing, and the crowd went wild. Then Shannon came on and the crowd went even wilder. Finally Jared came on in his Echelon jacket, swinging a baseball bat and singing the final notes of Birth. Shannon got on the drums and started going nuts, and I could feel the vibration of every hit in my chest. It was amazing. Birth ended and Night of the Hunter began, and I went crazy. I started jumping and screaming and singing, and just having the best time of my life. A couple of times I saw a girl next to me and two security guards look at me like "What the eff are you on??" but I didn't care. Mars were here and I was going to enjoy every single moment.
After Night of the Hunter the lights turned red, and Bec and I just looked at each and said in unison: "This Is War." Jared started pumping his fist in the air shouting "THIS IS WAR" and we all screamed it back at him. I swear to God I have goosebumps just writing that. It was incredible. The confetti cannons blasted and as I looked up at the coloured bits of paper floating down on me, all I could feel was joy.
After This Is War, Jared grabbed his guitar and started the riff for Conquistador. We all screamed and sang along, and he melted our eyeballs, as promised. Mine are currently still dripping out of my ears.
Next up was Search and Destroy. It was amazing to hear us all sing "a million little pieces" in unison like that. It was beautiful. AND AND AND Jared said "I believe in you; do you believe in me?" which, if you follow me on my Mars Twitter account, you know was on my Mars bucket list. I was so happy and I may or may not have cried at that moment...You can't prove anything.
After Search and Destroy it was Kings + Queens. OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. As soon as it started I felt like...I don't even know. AMAZING. I've NEVER been so happy in my life! I didn't know you could BE so happy!! I sang so loud that I've lost my voice. Really really. Also, there was this one amazing moment where we were all singing the 'Ohhhh OHHHH ohhhh' and I kinda had my hands outstretched towards Shannon as I was watching him, and he started singing too then he looked at me, stretched his hand out towards me, held my gaze for about 20 seconds then smiled and waved before turning away. My God. How does one even function after THAT. At the end of the song he threw a drumstick towards where we were standing, but I had my eyes closed so I didn't see it until it was too late. I only opened my eyes when I heard the people next to me scrambling for it. I'm not saying he meant for me to have it, but it's cool to think that maybe he did :)
After Kings + Queens, Jared brought some people on stage. He spoke to them a little, asked them where they were from, called out people for sitting on their "fat asses", told us to pull people up by their testicles...The usual :p Also one of the guys he called up was also named Jared, so Jared asked him if he "had a big one too" just to see how much they had in common. Ha! Oh, Jared...Then it was time for Do Or Die. I cannot tell you how incredible it was. I raised my hands and danced my ass off and Jared danced and spun around with the Australian flag. It was amazing. I love that song so so much. I love that it followed Kings + Queens :)
Next up was City of Angels. As soon as it started I knew I was going to cry again, and I did as he sang "I AM HOOOOOOOME!!" because Thirty Seconds To Mars IS my home. I'd be lost without them. Right there, in that moment, I was more at home then ever before. It was incredible.
After City of Angels, Tomo began to play the opening notes of End Of All Days. Jared disappeared for a little while before sauntering out and prowling over to the microphone. If you've ever seen him sing this live (slash-a-live-version-on-YouTube), you know exactly what I am talking about. Hot damn.
After End Of All Days, Shannon and Tomo left the stage and Jared grabbed his acoustic guitar. He immediately started singing Save Me and as I was singing along all I could think was "You did. You saved me." I closed my eyes and just got lost in his voice and the atmosphere. I know that's probably super weird (I mean JARED WAS RIGHT THERE) but I did that a lot. I couldn't help it. It was like being at church and singing worship music. Not in the sense that I was worshipping Jared or Mars, but in the sense that it was like my soul was being restored. It was almost a spiritual experience, and one I will cherish for the rest of my life.
Next Jared started to sing Buddha For Mary. I repeat: BUDDHA FOR MARY!!! I feel like Bec and I were the only ones in our section who knew the words, haha. For those of you who don't know, Buddha For Mary is from their first album. They rarely sing it at all, so it was so special that they did.
After that, Jared asked us if we knew the album 'This Is War'. Ha. Then he started singing Hurricane, but stopped mid-verse to comment on a girl standing on her boyfriend's shoulders. He was very impressed, and said some...Very Jared things about what her boyfriend would be receiving tonight, haha. He had Zack (the lighting technician) turn up the lights so we could see what he was talking about. The girl immediately started pulling down her top to cover her bare midriff, so of course Jared laughed about that: "Look at you, trying to cover up now! [In a girly voice] 'I'm not that kind of girl!' And your boyfriend's like...'Yeah you are...'" :p That may not be EXACTLY how it went as I'm working from memory, but it was along those lines. God I love him :3
Jared then started trying to sing Hurricane again, but he was giggling too much (so adorable). He tried again and forgot the lyrics ("Wait, what's the fucking lyric??"), then stopped and said "this is going to be the funniest version of Hurricane on YouTube!" If I can find the video I will link it when I get home because it was hilarious! It's funny though; if anyone else said half the things Jared said I'd think they were gross, but when he does it, it's pretty much the funniest thing on the planet. Go figure :p [Here it is]
After he finished messing up Hurricane, he asked for song requests. Practically everyone started screaming  'THE KILL!', so he started to play. In that moment I completely forgot anyone else was even in the room. The Kill was the song that brought me to Mars. It brought me to life. It was such an honour to hear it live.
Once the acoustic set was over, Jared started chanting "NO NO NO NO!" I looked at my mum and she was chanting too, and a part of me died with happiness. My mum is so cool :) Once again I sang as loudly as my vocal chords would allow me, despite sounding AWFUL because I had already lost my voice. The confetti cannons blasted during Closer To The Edge, too, so I stuffed a handful in my bag. Though sadly, the confetti was blank. I wanted the confetti with messages from Mars. Ah well. Hopefully next time. ALSO, Jared said 'JUMP AND TOUCH THE SKY!' so I can pretty much die happy. That was the main 'Jared phrase' I was hanging out for :) That phrase is my life.
After Closer To The Edge, the boys all left the stage and the crew came and shuffled some things around. They moved Tomo's mic stand and Shannon's tiny drumkit right into the middle of the stage next to Jared's mic. The boys then came back and played Bright Lights together. It was so so so incredible. I loved watching Shannon on that tiny drumkit because he was having the best time of his life. I actually watched him and Tomo way more than I watched Jared, which is not what I expected to do. They drew my attention more than I expected; especially Shannon. It was brilliant, though. You can't watch Shannon play and NOT feel happy. He gets so lost in it. It's a beautiful thing.
Once Bright Lights was over it was time for Up In The Air. I had a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing it was the last song, but I was also so excited to hear it live. Jared spent a good ten minutes picking the crazy ones to go on stage, and then he began to sing. Once again, there are no words for how happy I felt. He gives 2000% of himself to the audience every single time. It was amazing to witness it first hand. He jumped and bounced around like the energizer bunny, until finally, all too quickly, it was over. Jared thanked us a number of times and then he, Shannon and Tomo left the stage. The lights came on and I just looked at my mum and gave her a massive hug, repeatedly saying "Oh my God." We hung around inside the stadium for a bit, discussing the amazing night we all had. I asked a nearby guard for a setlist, but unfortunately someone else already had it. Maybe next time. Another guard then came over and nicely told us it was time to leave, so we all walked out with the biggest grins you've ever seen. We wandered about in a daze for a few minutes, then decided to check out the merch store. There was some awesome stuff there, but they were sold out of a lot of things so we decided to buy in another state instead. Rob and her friend Susan drove us back to the hotel, and we all sat there in a daze, saying "remember when..." and "I loved it when..." and checking our phones, haha. When we arrived we said goodbye and made plans for our next meet up in Melbourne before going our separate ways. As soon as I walked into the room I gave my mum the biggest hug ever and started to cry (stealthily. She didn't even know :p). I pulled out The Mars Project books and touched their signatures, thanking God for the day I bought The Kill on SingStar. That purchase single-handedly changed my life. I am grateful for that every day.
Now it's 3:08am and I know I should go to sleep, but I don't know if I can. I met the people who inspire me like nothing I've ever experienced before. I saw them play live. I told them what they meant to me. I gave them my heart and soul in book form. I jumped and I touched the sky. And you wanna know the best part?? This is only the beginning. Next stop: Melbourne.
Mars Is Coming.
Title lyrics: 'City Of Angels' by Thirty Seconds To You Are My Home.

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