Monday, 31 March 2014


The Sydney show :)
Oh my goodness. Just when I thought a perfect day couldn't get any better. We were let into the venue almost immediately after the Meet and Greet, and Bec, Hela, Jessie, my mum and I went to stand on the barrier on Shannon's side. The wait for White Lies wasn't as long given that it was already pretty late due to the Artifact screening, which was good because I was sky high. I just wanted to sing and dance. They played the same set which isn't bad, but once again I only wanted Mars. No other band in the world could have sounded good to me in that moment. I only wanted Mars. While White Lies were playing I had a look around the venue, and was happy to see that a bit fuller than it was in Melbourne. It still wasn't sold out, but it was better.
Once White Lies were done the lights came on and the stage was set up for Mars. My heart skipped a few beats as they unveiled the triad and pulled Shannon's drumkit closer towards where we were standing. Hela and I passed the time by going over the details of the day in excruciating detail. It was awesome.
Suddenly the lights went out and we heard Jared start to sing Birth. The crowd went wild and surged forward, and I got a little crushed (side note: I've been playing "count my Mars bruises" and I'm up to fifteen. Haha!) Tomo came out, Shannon came out, and then Jared came out swinging that baseball bat. He tossed it to the side as Birth ended and launched straight into Night of The Hunter. Hela and I were jumping around and going nuts, and I felt more alive than ever before. I honestly do not understand why people do drugs. They should just by concert tickets. Preferably Thirty Seconds To Mars concert tickets.
After Night of the Hunter, Jared started chanting "THIS IS WAR. THIS IS WAR." I couldn't contain my joy as I was so worried that they were going to cut it. I was screaming and singing along and dancing like crazy even though every inch of my body was aching. When it was time for the balloons I saw a very familiar face walking towards me...It was Karan's son Zack! He looked so happy and so freaked out, haha. Hela and I kept screaming "Zack! Zack!" and he just stood there and grinned at us until he released the balloons. It was so cool. What an amazing experience for him.
After This Is War they sung Search and Destroy. My stomach dropped a little and I could only pray they hadn't cut Kings + Queens. I hoped it would be next, but next up was Conquistador. I adore that song live. It freaking ROCKS. HEY, HEY, SAY A PRAYER...
There was a slightly extended delay between Conquistador and the next song, and I held my breath the entire time. Then...Shannon started banging his drums to the rhythm of my heartbeat and Kings + Queens began. Hela and I both screamed and she hugged me because she knows how much that song means to me. She even screamed "This is your song!" Love you, Hela.
After Kings + Queens ended, J started talking to the crowd. Shannon was sitting at his drumkit and and looking around, when suddenly his eyes locked on mine. His face broke into a grin and he pointed at me and Hela and he waved and smiled at us. Hela grabbed me and yelled "Oh my God!" and my mum shoved me so I turned around to look at her and she was smiling at me. I said "Did you just see that?!" and she laughed and said "I certainly did." Amazing.
After Jared had finished talking to the crowd he introduced the next song by singing a line and having us sing it back to him. I know some people take issue with how much "crowd participation" there is at every Mars show, but honestly, I freaking LOVE it. It is so amazing. It fills me up like nothing else. The next song was Do or Die, and I sung it so loud that my throat began to hurt. Worth it, haha. The only negative was this horrible girl behind us who was pushing and elbowing her way to the front. She was really hurting the girls who were directly behind Hela and me, and the security guards were no help at all. Seriously, what's the point of even HAVING security?? They are useless. I feel so bad for the girls directly behind me. They were so nice and that girl was being so awful.
After Do or Die, it was End of All Days, then the acoustic set. Jared was hilarious in the acoustic set, saying that he'd heard a review about the Perth show had the title "Jared Leto gets inappropriate." His response? "Well don't say I didn't warn you. Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck motherfucking fucking fucking fuck." Apologies for swearing, but you know... :p
During the acoustic set he played Hurricane, a piece of Attack and The Kill. Then Shannon and Tomo came on for Bright Lights. I freaking adore Bright Lights live (I say that about almost every song. I adore every song. I adore THEM.) All three of them look so happy. Especially Shannon on his little drumkit. I love how he goes and dances near the triad when it's not his turn to play :3
After Bright Lights the stage went dark and we started hearing voices. The guys had left the stage so at first I thought maybe something had gone wrong and we were hearing their side mics. However, once I started to concentrate on the voices I realized they were talking about dreams and the importance of music. We were hearing interviews. It makes me wonder where they were from...The Into The Wild Tour DVD, perhaps? (Ps, I forgot to mention in my Artifact post that J said it was the bane of his f-ing life and that he has been working very hard on it. It is coming...Soon. Naturally. Tehe :3) Everyone was looking around in confusion when suddenly Shannon ran onto the stage...In a unicorn onesie. A UNICORN ONESIE, YOU GUYS. Tomo came out IN A GIRAFFE ONESIE and the two of them began to play the opening notes of Closer To The Edge. As the first verse was about to start, Jared came out IN A CROCODILE ONESIE. YOU GUYS. HELP. HELP ME. It was THE BEST thing EVER. They were extremely hyperactive and happy and they gave the best damn performance of Closer To The Edge that I have EVER seen. It was SO GOOD. I MEAN ANIMAL ONESIES. WHAT IN THE ACTUAL HELL. GOD I LOVE THEM! My absolute FAVOURITE moment was when J jumped up on Shan's drumkit in that freaking onesie...I've always loved it when he does that, but this made it even better. This band, you guys. This band. Only Mars would play an epic rock song in freaking animal onesies! I love them so much that it hurts!
Once Closer To The Edge was over they left the stage for a minute and then returned in their normal clothes (well, normal for Mars. Which is probably weird for everyone else :p) Shannon and Tomo started to play the intro to Up In The Air and Jared began to choose people for the stage. Once everyone was on stage and Jared started to sing, I saw two familiar faces dancing beside Tomo...Karan and Zack! After a few moments Jared went over to them and pulled Zack out of the crowd and walked him down to the end of the catwalk. He put his arm around Zack and sung the rest of the song with him. It was truly incredible. I can't even begin to imagine how happy Zack must have felt, and how proud Karan would have been. We all sang as loud as we could until unfortunately, much too soon, the song was over. The guys all came to the front of the stage to say thank you and wave goodbye, and then they were gone. As I watched them leave, I felt a bit sick in the stomach at the thought of there only being one show left. How exactly does one come down from such an incredible high? I guess we'll have to find out. I am not looking forward to that.

I can't remember where I even got this picture. I don't think I took it, but everything is a blur right now so I don't know. If it's yours or you know who I can credit it to, please let me know. Xo

Title Lyrics: 'Closer To The Edge' by the giraffe, the unicorn and the crocodile. Adorable little goofballs :3

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Ps, to top off the night, when we returned to the hotel my mum pulled out two copies of Artifact signed by Jared. Reni had given them to her when I was getting my wristband. I had no idea we were getting them. So so awesome!