Sunday, 30 March 2014

Pray to your God, open your heart; whatever you do don't be afraid of the dark...

The Melbourne show :)
After the Meet and Greet, we were able to go into the arena. This time my mum and I were in reserved seating as my aunt and my cousin were coming to the show as well. I had a last minute change of mind and asked Reni if I could switch to the pit, and she said that was fine with her but I'd have to ask the venue co-ordinators. Unfortunately, however, I was told the floor was sold out.
In all honesty our seats were pretty terrible, as they were super high and at an strange angle. I could see just fine, but I was worried if I tried to jump and touch the sky, I would break my neck. I saw a lot of empty seats on the next level down, so I asked a nearby guard if I could sit there so I could dance without dying. He said that was fine, so once White Lies began to play, my mum, aunt, cousin and I moved. However, another guard came and told us that we weren't allowed to sit there (despite it being empty), so we were told to move across to another section on the same level. Then about ten minutes later the first guard came back and said we had to go back to our original seats. I reminded him that HE said we could move, and at first he denied he did, then he mumbled something about being a borderline braindead moron. I can't be sure that's what he said, but it seems pretty likely...
At this point I was frustrated and angry because all the people in the seats were sitting on their asses and I had nowhere to go crazy. I didn't want to annoy people by standing in front of them, but I also knew there was no way in hell that I could just sit down for a Mars show. I mean IT'S MARS. If you aren't going to go crazy, why even come??
After White Lies were done and the lights came on, I noticed that the pit wasn't even half full. I went to ask a different guard if I could just go dance at the back, but she said no (even though pit seats and floor seats were the same price. Bloody hell. Also, what the hell, Australia?! Where were you??) I was getting really upset, but as I walked up towards my seats I saw two girls down the bottom of my section jumping around and going nuts (though there was no music yet. Ha!) One girl was in a Speedy onesie (Speedy is a zebra in the short film for Up In The Air, for those who don't know), so I knew they were Echelon like me. I went up to the seats and I told my mum I was going to ask to stay with them while she sat with my aunt and cousin.
Now I've never ever done anything like this before because I'm actually really shy and anti-social (ha!), but I went down to the girls and said "This probably sounds totally weird, but you look like you're going to go crazy tonight, and I want to go crazy tonight, so can I stay here with you?" They both kind of stared at me for a second and then grinned and said "Of course!!" I was so happy and relieved that I almost cried. Thank you so much girls, if you ever come across this.
We introduced ourselves and found out that we were friends with the same people. We are all part of the crazy Australian Echelon, which is kind of hilarious considering how easily I picked it. Our friends were in the pit, so we jumped around and waved to them until the show started. The girls also told me that the guards had been screwing them around too, so they had just gone down  to the bottom of the section without asking so they could do exactly what I wanted to do: Jump and touch the sky.
As soon as the lights dimmed and the opening notes of Birth started, I forgot all about the dumbass security guards and my irritation. We started going insane (which was even funnier because hardly anyone in the seats were even standing up) and just having the time of our lives. The setlist was the same as Perth, but it was just as amazing. It was a very different experience being in the seats, and in retrospect, I am glad I had the chance to stand back a little and just watch it all unfold. The crowd as a whole was pretty disappointing, as the only people really going nuts were the people in the pit. The vast majority of people in the seats didn't even stand up once. Fools. Jared kept asking if we were all okay, and even went into the seats during Closer To The Edge. I really believe he did that to try and get people excited, and I feel so bad that he had to do that. Come on, Australia. We can do better.
One thing that was really awesome about being in the seats was watching Jared work the pit crowd. They were there to have the best night of their lives, and he made sure  they did. He only had to make the smallest gesture to get everyone down there (and a few of the true believers in the seats) to do whatever he wanted. Jared says 'jump' and you jump. Jared says wave your arms back and forth and you do it. Jared says 'scream' and you scream. There is very little he couldn't get us to do, to be honest. It didn't matter how tired or sore I was; if he said jump I did it. He once sang that he will start his own religion, and in a way, he has. Our maniac messiah...He sang a song to save us all. (By the way -- Yes this is a cult).
After some hilarious moments and epic songs, the show was over much too soon as anything related to Mars always is. When the lights came on I got quite a few judgmental looks from those who remained seated the entire night, but I couldn't have cared less. I thanked the girls who had let me go crazy with them and we all went down to meet our friends. Together we dissected the night, reviewing all our favourite moments and experiences. A few of my friends were on stage for Up In The Air, so it was awesome to share their excitement and joy. When it was time to go I found my mum, aunt and cousin, and walked out towards the car. My aunt and cousin were a bit like "well okay then" (they don't live on Mars...Poor souls), but my mum really enjoyed the show. Surprisingly I fell asleep on the car ride home, and had the sweetest dreams ever. I was too tired to blog when we got back AND my mum and I had to be at the airport in four hours, so I slept for 23 minutes (ha!) until my alarm told me that TODAY TODAY TODAY had arrived, and it was time to go to Sydney.
Sydney. Oh my Lord...
Title Lyrics: Night Of The Hunter by THIRTY SECONDS TO MARS. Naturally :3

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