Saturday, 29 March 2014


Meet and Greet
A life-changing show :3
This is the life on Mars.
I'm currently on my way to the airport at five FREAKING AM to catch a flight out to Sydney...For the next Mars show :3 I've probably slept for about 26 minutes, but I'm wide awake and running purely on adrenaline. And I do mean purely...I haven't been able to eat a decent sized meal since last Saturday. My emotions live in my stomach, and when I have too many emotions (or feels :p), I can't eat. And boy have I had too many feels lately. I mean my God.
This probably won't be as detailed as I'd like as I didn't write it immediately after the show. I was too tired to think clearly, and yet I was too jacked up to sleep. Damn you, brain. Pick one. But I am going to try and write down everything I remember, both for me and for you. I know how you all enjoy these posts...The enormous spike in my page views told me :3 Thank you for that, by the way. Xo.
Yesterday was the Melbourne Mars show. It was extra special for me because I had bought a ticket to sound check. For those of you who don't know, sound check is where you get to go listen to the band rehearse before the show. This may sound uninteresting (I mean why would you want to watch anyone practice?!) but really it's one of the most awesome things on the planet for two reasons:
1. It's Mars. I could listen to them sing nursery rhymes and be completely rapt.
2. Sound check is a lot more informal and interactive than the show itself, AND lately the guys have been playing old songs, which is my only chance to hear them live. I mean really, Girl With Words. What the hell were you doing with your life before you found Mars?!
Check-in for sound check started at 2pm, but we didn't actually get in until about 4pm. While we were lined up outside the doors we heard the guys sound checking...For the sound check. Ha! Only Jared would sound check before sound check :3 Good grief I love him. Once the doors finally opened we all ran inside and crowded around the stage. There weren't many people there at all, so it was no challenge to get onto the barrier. I chose to stand down on Shannon's side because...Well, because I don't know what big bro is doing to me lately. He's so magnetic. I could watch him play all day. (I should probably mention that Shannon is Jared's older brother, and the drummer in the band. For those of you who don't know).
Unfortunately I can't remember all the songs they played during sound check, as they did a whole lot of little pieces. I think they may have opened with Revenge...But I can't be sure. I DO know that they played this awesome little mash-up of From Yesterday, Attack and A Beautiful Lie...It was SO GOOD. Jared was saying he wanted to play a mash-up of old songs on the Carnivores Tour in August and September, so he was throwing around ideas. It was positively enthralling to watch them work and feed off one another. I could do that all day. Can they just set up a constant live stream in the Lab?? Please???
They also played pieces of a few songs from their self-titled album (their first album), which was so so cool. Although nobody was really singing along, so Jared was laughing and saying that people always pretend to love the first album, but nobody even knows the songs. They played pieces of Buddha for Mary, Capricorn, Fallen, The Mission and 93 Million Miles. Jared couldn't remember half the lyrics though, so he kept mumbling and making things up. Shannon also couldn't remember the beat in a few songs, and Jared couldn't remember how to play a few songs, so Tomo had to teach them. Adorable little goofballs :3
At the beginning of sound check I felt like I wanted to film, but every time Jared looked in my direction I felt really guilty, haha. Like I was wasting the opportunity. I gave my phone to my mum and asked her to film, but when he started mocking people for just standing their watching everything through their screens, I put it away. Dammit, Leto. Don't you realise that we just want to treasure these moments forever??
I did, however, get THE MOST EPIC THING ON CAMERA EVER. THE KILL. FULL BAND. FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS. OH MY GOD, YOU GUYS. IT WAS A TOMO CAPS MOMENT. I think the actual recording sucks because I was dancing along and letting go (which was really difficult to do at first, given that we were in a lighted room with like 40 people mostly standing still) but all I wanted was the audio. The Kill changed my life. To be perfectly honest, having it full band was worth the price of the sound check ticket all by itself.
Jared then played pieces of the new unfinished songs "Heaven" and "Searched For You". It makes me wonder how many songs he's written for album number five, and when we can expect to see that come about. Hmmm...
ALSO, JARED RAPPED. It was that "back in the day when I was a teenager" rap that he's done before. It was so damn funny! Even though I felt guilty for recording, I wish I had recorded THAT. I could watch that on a repeat loop for the rest of my life! Well not really...But you know :3
They also played The Race, and Bart came out to play. Jared kept questioning Shannon about the beat in the verse (is it one hit or two?) to which most of the crowd called out "It's two! Trust us, we know." Haha. Shannon and Tomo were having secret conversations on their side mics, and Jared was being all goofy and adorable. After they worked some things out, they played The Race. I'm inclined to say that it was the last song for sound check, but I don't know for sure...It all a bit hazy right now! Either way, sound check was amazing. If you have the opportunity, I highly recommend you go to one!
After the guys left the stage, the people with Meet and Greet packages went to line up. We didn't have to wait very long before we went inside the M+G room, which was much larger than the one in Perth. And rightly so; there were so many people there. We went in and sat down, and Reni gave us the rundown of the rules. Then Shannon and Jared walked in, and everyone started clapping and cheering. They were still in a playful mood, so the Q and A session was really hilarious. Although it was Jared who was asking us questions; he didn't take any from the audience. It was still completely awesome, though. I love seeing his mind work. He was asking questions about when we found the band, how we found the band (someone yelled 'Xbox!' so I yelled 'SingStar!', and he heard me which was cool :3 But he couldn't hear what I actually said, so he asked someone in the front to repeat it) He was asking a lot of questions about coffee, which leads me to believe a certain someone may be forced to VyRT whether he likes it or not (seriously, he looked so unimpressed :p). Jared said a few things in an Aussie accent ("BUDGIE SMUGGLER!") and commented that there was a lot of white people in the room and it was scaring him. Ha! I was soooo tempted to yell out "we're black!" (my mum and I), but I wasn't sure how it would be received so I didn't. (We are actually black, by the way. Just so you know :p)
After a few more funny moments and surveying by Jared, it was time for the signing. I changed my mind about what I wanted signed at least eighteen times while I was standing in line, but I eventually settled on my This Is War CD and I got my mum to have them sign my Love Lust Faith + Dreams CD. They were all so sweet during the signing, making sure to look every person in the eyes and say "Thank you" as they signed their item. Shannon thanked me twice because I think he forgot that he already had...Not that I'm complaining :p
Next up it was time for the picture. I had been debating where to stand, but my legs made the decision for me and I ended up between Jared and Shannon. Whoopsie :p Since they were in such a goofy mood I thought it would be a good time to ask for something a little different (to what I've seen) so I asked them if we could all make triad fingers. Jared said "Surrrrrrrre!" and did it straight away, and Shannon said "Sure! But I don't know how!" and Tomo said "Me either!" and they both proceeded to make weird triangles with their fingers. Jared and I laughed and Jared tried to show them ("Come on man, it's just like this!"), but I have no idea if they got it. I literally skipped away when the picture was taken, completely high on life. The Artifact screening the night before had left me feeling a little bit hollow (not in a negative way, just in an I NEED MORE way), but seeing them again restored me. We were standing near the exit so we got to say goodbye as they left to go get ready for the show. I got a smile from Jared and Shannon and a high five from Tomo. My life is pretty much complete.
I'm already scared for Brisbane...What the hell am I going to do without them??
Fly to America to see them. That's what :3

The (infamous) triad alert picture. I cut me out because I don't want my blog/social media to be linked to me in real life (it's dangerous, given that I am a teacher). I've seen this pic EVERYWHERE now...It's pretty cool, really. I don't mind if you steal it; just leave my name on it :p (That's my Mars Twitter account) It's my favourite M+G pic of all! <3
Title lyrics: 'The Kill' by Thirty Seconds To COULD YOU BE ANY MORE AWESOME?!

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