Thursday, 3 April 2014

Tonight's the last, so say goodbye.

The Brisbane show.
I've been avoiding writing this post for about three days now because I just don't want to accept that it is all over. Even as I start to write this I can feel my eyes welling up with tears. They can't be gone. They can't they can't they can't. Except they are. And I'm left with a Mars-shaped hole in my heart. I miss them. I miss them so much.
But. Let's focus on the positives. I had the best week ever, and there's still one show left to tell you all about :)
The Brisbane show was at Riverstage, which is an outdoors venue. As it had been raining on and off all day we were all a little anxious about how the show was going to go, but thankfully, the rain held out until for the duration of the show. How lucky is that?!
As always, White Lies opened the show at around 7:30pm. I was feeling really sick inside because I both wanted White Lies to be over so Mars could come on (no offense to them, but, ya know) and I wanted them to play forever so that the night would never end. I probably looked pretty depressed standing there on the barrier on Tomo's side, and for that I'm sorry. White Lies or White Lies fans, if you ever read this, don't take that personally. It must be really hard to open for a band like Mars. No band in the world can compare to them.
Around the third song, the people in the crowd started to really cheer and get excited. I was pretty confused because prior to that, most people were pretty sombre like me. Then I realized why...Jared had run onto the stage and was bouncing around being goofy and (you guessed it) adorable. Just the sight of him lifted my spirits like you wouldn't believe. He was jumping on the drum kit, making faces at the lead singer and just generally being Jared (read: awesome). This man, you guys. This man. He only stayed on stage for about 2 minutes, then he disappeared around the corner. My mum leant over to me and said "A random wild Leto!" which just cracks me up so much. I've taught her so well :3 After the song ended the lead singer of White Lies said "Thank you, Jared, for working up the crowd. He smells REALLY GOOD!" That broke my heart a little because I always loose all my senses when I'm standing next to Jared (except TOUCH) so I have noooo idea what he smells like. Haha! I'm not even ashamed to say that. Anyway according to Anna Kendrick and Kelly Clarkson, he smells like coconut. Mmmmm. Sorry, I'm getting distracted...
After White Lies finished, the lights came on and the roadies came out to set the stage for Mars. My little brother was with us so my mum and I had decided to stand on Tomo's side, as that is apparently less crazy. I was a little disappointed at first as I thought I may not be able to see everything, but the stage wasn't very big so we could see just fine. There were a few really lovely girls standing there too, so we passed the time talking about all the reasons why Mars are the greatest band in the history of forever. Because they are. Don't even bother trying to convince me otherwise.
Then, after about half an hour, the lights went down and Birth began. Tomo came out first and waved right at us in the front row. Next was Shannon, and then Jared with his baseball bat. After Birth they launched straight into Night of the Hunter, and I completely lost my mind. I was determined NOT to let my sadness about this being the last show hold me back, so I put that thought aside and jumped, screamed, sang and cried until my throat hurt and I felt dizzy. It was awesome. The setlist was the same as it had been at the other shows, but let me tell you, you can NEVER get sick of hearing those songs live. Ever ever ever. They are just as powerful by the fourth night in the row, and I have no doubt that they would STILL be amazing and powerful by the four hundredth night in a row. Mars is a band that never gets old. Trust me...I've been listening to them every single day for longer than I care to admit.
After Night of the Hunter, Search and Destroy, This Is War, Conquistador, Kings and Queens, Do or Die, City of Angels and End of All Days, it was time for the acoustic set. Jared kicked that off by goofing around with us and shouting "AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!" to which we all shouted back "OI OI OI!" If you aren't Australian that probably doesn't mean anything, but let me tell you that it was pretty damn hilarious. He loved it, too. He kept laughing and doing it more. Good grief I love him.
He then began to sing Hurricane, and as at the Melbourne show, someone threw her bra onstage. This one was white and had written across it "I swallow" ("Which you should always do when you're eating", said Jared) and "No gag reflex" ("What do you think she means by that?", he asked, oh-so innocently.) It also contained her phone number and her instagram, which Jared wasn't going to read out but she insisted he did, so...
Classssssy. I mean it's funny to watch his reaction, but still. Ugh.
He then sang a small piece of Attack and From Yesterday, then he sang The Kill. I started to get really emotional (like, more than usual!) because I knew it was nearly over. Jared disappeared for a few minutes while the roadies set the stage for Bright Lights, then the three of them came to the centre of the stage to play. Shannon was all bouncy and excited, and he kept harassing Tomo whenever it wasn't his turn to play. He kept poking him, shoving him, trying to say things into Tomo's mic...It was so damn cute. My love for all the guys has grown exponentially this tour, but my love for Shannon has grown the most. Mostly because I didn't have such a strong connection with him or whatever before. He is very quiet in interviews and I didn't feel like I "knew" him like I "know" Jared and Tomo. (Not "know" as though we are friends..."Know" as though I can see what kind of people they are or something. It's so hard to explain. It's an Echelon thing.) Anyway, my point is, I love Shannon. What were we talking about...?
After Bright Lights, it was time for Closer to the Edge. At this point I didn't have a voice left at all, but that didn't stop me from croaking "NO NO NO NO!" and pumping my fist in the air like a maniac. I was going completely insane as were the girls around me, but a few other people in the front weren't and I could see Tomo trying to get them riled up. He kept coming really close and motioning for people to jump, and then looking irritated when they didn't. He noticed our little cluster of people jumping and going nuts so he gave us a thumbs up and smiled. Yaaay we made Tomo happy :)
After Closer To The Edge, the end had come. It was time for Up In The Air. Jared went around picking people to go on stage, and I made myself keep it together despite wanting to sit down and sob. Once the song started I felt desperately depressed, but I jumped and touched the sky ANYWAY. Then, sadly, it was over. The guys all came down to the middle of stage and thanked us for a great tour, and then they were gone. I stood there feeling numb for a while until I decided to try to find Reni. Reni had been so so wonderful to my mum and I (and everyone, I'm sure) so I really wanted to find her and say thank you. I did see her briefly but she was busy, so I decided to just send her an email instead (although really, I had wanted to hug her. Oh well. Next time.) We were shuffled outside by the security guards, and me, Bec and Karan decided to wait by the gates to wave goodbye to the guys as they left. Jared had said they were going straight to the airport to catch a plane to Tokyo for the next show, so we knew they wouldn't be long. After a few minutes of waiting a white car drove out, and I could see Emma inside. I couldn't see Jared, Shannon or Tomo (the windows were tinted) but there were three people in there with Emma so I waved at the car anyway. We waited a little longer, not really wanting to accept that it was all over, before finally starting to walk over to the car park. As we walked we went over all the details of the week, reminiscing about our favourite times and comforting one another over the fact that it was over. Even writing that now hurts. My dad drove Bec and Karan to their hotels, and then we embarked on the three hour journey back home. I sat with my mum in the back seat of the car and tried not to cry...And failed. It was over. They were gone. I knew I'd be waking up to a "HELLO TOKYO!" tweet from Jared (as he always does when he arrives in a new country) and the thought alone was killing me. I know it's not normal to be this affected by a band leaving your country (or affected at all!) but they're not just a band. They're not.
And so here we are. Today it's Thursday and I've been without a real-life Mars hug for four days now. I've received all my Meet and Greet pictures (which are AWESOME, in case you were wondering) which gives me tangible proof that the week actually happened. It wasn't just a dream (aaaand now I'm singing "Was it a dream? Was it a dream? Is this the only evidence that proves it; a photograph of you and I...") I've also started making plans for the next time I get to see the men who changed my life, and it's actually not too far away...Carnivores Tour, baby. Next up, The Girl With Words goes to CALI-FORN-I-A. Watch this space.
Title lyrics: 'A Modern Myth' by Thirty Seconds To I Miss You.
Ps...If you're following me on my Mars Twitter account, you know this already because I've been tweeting about it NON-STOP, but I'm going to share it here anyway. Reni sent me an email the other day and told me Jared loved the books I made. LOVED -- That was the word she used. Just leave me here to die because I am done with life forever. I could NOT be happier! Thank you everyone who took part and made it possible...I couldn't have done it without you. I love EVERYONE and EVERYTHING :)