Thursday, 11 September 2014



I am seeing Mars again tomorrow.

It doesn't feel real.

Do you all remember earlier this year when I posted about Mars and Linkin Park joining together for the Carnivores Tour? Remember how I said that I was going to do anything it took to get myself to LA and go to that show?


As I type this I am lying in the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in and listening to City Of Angels...While looking out over the city of angels.


I'm in LA.

I can't believe this is actually happening right now. I really can't. It's like some beautiful dream that I keep waiting to wake up from. I arrived at 6am yesterday morning (LA time) and I'm already madly in love with this city. I can see why people quit their jobs to move here. I've been well taken care of by the wonderful Bec (@beccjay on Twitter) and Jessie (@kick_ya_boots) and I couldn't be happier right now. I really couldn't be. I won't go into to much detail (the excruciating detail is for the shows only!) but here's an overview of what we've done so far...Mainly so I can cherish these memories forever. Haha.

We went for a walk down the Hollywood Boulevard and saw the Chinese Theatre, the place where the Oscars are hosted and the Walk of Fame. Incidentally, those things are all less than a minute away from mine and my mum's hotel. Thank you, travel agent! (Yes, of course my mum is here. How could she not be??)

I had my first American pizza and it was amazzzzing. We went up to the Griffith Observatory and took some incredible pictures. I touched a piece of Mars...But not my Mars. Our Mars. That's tomorrow :3 Actually really it will be on Friday, but I digress...

I saw the Hollywood Sign and took at least four thousand pictures of it. We went for a hike at sunset to the most amazing place overlooking the city and played Kings and Queens and City of Angels as the sun went down. I can't even begin to tell you how my heart swelled at the sound of that hawk while standing in that spot. Incredible.

Then today we [my mum, Bec, Jessie and Kim (@morefunthanwork on Twitter)] had lunch at The Roxbury Cafè...Which is owned by Tomo's parents. We actually met his mum, dad and brother. They are super sweet and were so lovely to us. Highlights included a pep talk from Tomo's dad ("If you all worked as hard as Jared and the band work, you'd be very successful and could do anything you want to" My heart) Tomo's dad laughing at the thought of my mum in the moshpit,  Tomo's mum coming to say hi, and Filip. Just everything Filip. Haha. Lying here and remembering it actually makes me want to cry. I very nearly cried in front of Tomo's dad, but I (pretty much) kept it together. Mostly. Haha. He is such a beautiful person. Honestly. And him talking about how hard the guys work and how they always say it's because we (the fans) deserve it...Oh Lord. My heart.

After lunch there was a VyRT Violet so we rushed back to the hotel to catch it. It was awesome watching it all together as it got us even MORE excited for the shows! Kim had to leave after the VyRT, but the rest of us went on another sunset hike. I tell you, I would do a sunset hike every day if I  lived in LA. There's so many amazing places to explore. I stood there watching the sun go down to the sound of Kings and Queens (only in my head this time -- there were other people there. Grumble grumble) and had one of those amazing moments where you feel like your life is perfect. That everything is how it should be and you are on the right path. If my path took me here, then it has to be the right one. Right?
It was very difficult to tear ourselves away from that view of the land of a billion lights, but eventually we did. We had to, I guess...Haha. We went to Whole Foods (WHOLE FOODS!) and bought dinner and raided the fruit section. Well. I raided the fruit section. But can you blame me?? It's WHOLE FOODS. That's like the vegan promised land!! Can one open in Australia, please??

Bec and Jessie dropped me and my mum home and we had our Whole Foods dinner together in our hotel. I went through my pics of the day and almost forgot that the main reason for my trip hasn't even happened yet. Honestly if I had to go home right now I would feel like this was the best holiday I've ever had, and it's only been two days. The best is still to come, and it starts tomorrow.


Tomorrow I see Mars and Linkin Park.

Mars isn't coming...I'm going to Mars.

To: Los Angeles

I am home.

I found myself in the fire burned hills and the land of a billion lights.

A picture of a picture: The Hollywood Sign. I didn't bring my laptop so the only way to share pics taken on my real camera is to take a pic with my phone. Haha, sorry.

There was truth.
There was consequence.

Is around my heart.

The Roxbury Cafè :3

WHOLE FOODS!!!! And my mum :3

We were the Kings and Queens of promise.

Griffith Observatory. 

LA, I love you.

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